Water Treatment & Filtration

A few of the most common water quality issues for Eastern Shore residents are hardness, abundance of iron and other harmful chemicals, scale buildup, and bacteria. We offer units that target specific issues like these, as well as units that aim to solve multiple problems that you may have with your water.

Acid Neutralizers Systems

Remove acid from your well water.

Purelight UV Purification Systems

Get rid of bacteria from you well water!

Sulfur Shield Water Filter

Removes Hydrogen Sulfide to eliminate Sulfur odors.

Water Problems & Solutions

Drinking Water ContaminantsIt is not possible to see or taste most drinking water contaminants. Drinking water system with reverse osmosis
Bacteria & Other Harmful
Testing required.
Chlorination, UV system or drinking water
system with Ultra Filter (UF) membranes.
Chlorine Taste & OdorsYou can most likely smell or taste
Drinking water system with activated
carbon. Whole house filters with activated
carbon. Filter housing & carbon
Water HardnessMineral deposits on dishes and
glassware; soap build-up on shower
doors and walls; scale formation; dull
laundry, high soap usage.
Water softener or combination whole house filter and water softener.

Water Hardness, Chlorine Taste & Odors; Concern Related to HealthEvidence of hardness (see above) and foul
taste and odors.
Water softener and whole house filter.
Iron & ManganeseMetallic tastes; rust particles; iron stains on
sinks, toilets and tubs; red water; odors.
Iron filter. (However, water softeners will
remove low levels of clear water iron).

Sulfur odors (Hydrogen Sulfide)

You can smell the obnoxious odors!

Sulfur filter to neutralize sulfur odors.


Cloudy water; rust particles; sediment; silt.

Backwashing sediment filter or filter
housing and sediment cartridge.


Brownish, tea colored water; musty odors

Softener with tannin resin.

Acidic water (low pH)

Green stains on plumbing fixtures, blue-green water. (May cause corrosion).Acid neutralizer

Having safe and sanitary water for consumption is crucial, but unclean water can also take a toll in other areas of your home. Untreated water can damage clothing, appliances, and fixtures. Precision Plumbing performs a complimentary water test during your appointment. We would be happy analyze your results and recommend a treatment or filtration unit that is right for you.